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"Create a domestic cat which has physical features distinctive to the small forest dwelling wild cat"

- Jean S. Mill , The Guide to Owning a Bengal Cat

"Replicate the appearance of a wild cat, but with loving disposition"

- Gene Ducote, Getting to know the Bengal Cat

Primal Bengals is a TICA and CFA registered home cattery located in


I am active duty military and enjoy attending cat shows in different states which gives me the opportunity to learn from other breeders along with meeting new people. 

Bengal kittens are raised in my home and properly socialized. Every Bengal is screened by a licensed vet; FIV/FeLV/Heartworm tested upon arrival; PRA-B & PK-Def screened by UC Davis Genetics Laboratory or Optimal Selection; and HCM screened. My goal is to breed healthy, socialized "wild type" bengals that meet the bengal standard.


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